Accommodation Windsor

  • Services provided: Design & Development
  • Year: 2014 / 2015

We cooperate on project basis with Accommodation Windsor since the begining of 2014. Redesigning the website was one of the first things we did. Whole design of over 20 pages (each uses different content layout) and php engine were created to improve the experience customers receive.

We design, we code, we deliver...

Our cooperation started when the company decided its their time for big changes. First the logo and business stationery, then leaflets and brochure - everything was carefully redesigned however the biggest challenge was still waiting for us. The website we were asked to recreate from scratch was to replace old version which didn't follow any modern patterns and solutions. We offered to include lots of site logic into php code to make it easier to manage. The design of over 20 pages with different content layout and php engine nearly 10 000 lines long was a very interesting and fun project.

Leaflets and advertising materials

Leaflets to advertise the service, property starter packs, six page brochure, where to eat pages, dinner vouchers and much more - we created lots of meterials to help the customers to live in Windsor and Eton.

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