KN’K Trading

  • Services provided: Design & Development
  • Year: 2014

The project was divided into two main stages. First one included logo design for the main company as well as their first product (KN’K Box). At this stage we were also asked to create brochure that would advertise their pizza boxes. The second stage was a website design. They asked us to keep using only the shades of three colours: grey, purple and orange

The brochure & business cards...

The brochure was designed and printed in A4. We have designed all informative pages and price lists. The brochure was highly successful way of advertising the product. It was quite a challenge for us to fit lots of information and pictures in a limited space (the requirement was a maximum of 4 pages). We managed to do it thanks to a close work with the customer.

The final effect was absolutely stunning. Matte printing with glossy bubbles around the cover page mad it look very professional and even more interesting.

The logo - company identity

Designing a logo is never easy. It is important to understand how the company is going to work to make sure the logo supports. In this case we decided to create logos for the company and its product that follow same pattern. It is quick and easy to identify that they are part of the same group.

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