• Services provided: Design & Development
  • Year: 2014

NKTuning has been the first company we cooperated with. The whole project was divided into many smaller sections. To start with, we redesigned eBay template as well as their online website. We also moved the website into new e-commerce engine(prestashop). Using CSV files (to upload products) and many addons, we finalized this part of the project at the end of 2014.

Advertising materials

It might sound plain simple but advertising is (or at least should be) the priority for every company. For NKTuning we have created many different types of leaflets. The main aim was the same as always - to promote products that have potential to be bestsellers. Thanks to a close cooperation with NKTuning we succeded in many cases. The result was clearly visible on the selling sheet.

We have also created many advertising materials for their website. Best deals / new products / christmas - those occasions always had their graphical representation.

It's all about the pictures...

Editing pictures of cars and adding spoilers and bumpers was defenitively something new to us. It was great to see a transformation of a standard car into a great looking beast. When selling online it is important to remember - picture is the first thing that can catch customer's eye. If it does, the chance for sale is much higher...

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